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  • Jul 01, 2022


The teases are over and the wraps came off the class redefining Volcon Stag today. To cut to the chase: How fast: 80 mph. How far: range is more than 100 miles. How quick is charging: Less than 6 hours. How much: $39,999. How soon can I get one: Reservations being taken for dealer delivery now; machines in dealerships by Summer 2023.

“With the class-leading 125 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, the Volcon Stag offers exhilarating performance and an unmatched driving experience,” claims Volcon Powersports Communications Manager Gina D’Ambrosio. “The electric motor provides a flat torque curve delivering instant power the moment you touch the pedal, resulting in unparalleled off-road acceleration.”

The Stag’s instant power and torque delivery provide a thrilling acceleration, speed recovery and control on any terrain. It also offers the exclusive Paddle Shift with overboost mode as an accessory, which can increase overall motor output above 140 hp.

Battery & Charging Details

Moto-vation comes from purpose built powertrain including high-voltage power distribution module, motor inverter, onboard charging module, EV control module, torque controls, AC compressor, battery high voltage connector, HV cooling pump, battery pump, HV cooling reservoir and battery cooling reservoir.

“These components, having already been tested and validated, will offer Volcon UTV buyers peace of mind and confidence in knowing the drivetrain is backed by world-class research and development teams,” she adds. Volcon believes the Stag will deliver a unique driving experience, combining performance and excitement that only an EV can provide, innovative connectivity, and flexible utility that make the vehicle perfect for adventure and work.

Range: With an expected range of over 100 miles on one charge, the Stag offers multiple drive modes to extend range while utilizing other technology to support the battery system, such as regenerative braking. A digital interface will provide the battery percentage readout and average consumption data so the user will be informed of the remaining available charge.

Charging: The Stag 7.2 kW onboard charger allows the vehicle to be charged in less than 6 hours when using Level 2 charging.

Stag Specs

Horsepower: 125 / above 140 hp*

Torque: 265 lb-ft

Range: above 100 miles

Charge Time: less than 6 hours**

Motor: 107 kW

Battery: 42 kWh

Top Speed: 80 mph

Payload: 1,550 lbs

Bed Volume: 13.4 / 26.7*** cu-ft

Wheel Base: 121"

Vehicle Width: 64"

Towing: 2,000lbs****

Capacity: 4 people

Drivetrain: 4WD on demand

* with optional power boost


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