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  • Oct 25, 2023


As scheduled, Volcon's Stag entered production in October. “We believe Volcon, unlike several of its peers and early stage competitors in the EV space, is accomplishing what many could not; the successful design, prototyping and production of a new fully-electric entrant into a mature market," states CEO Jordan Davis. "Our move into low volume production marks a historic milestone for us, and we are looking forward to the coming ramp up and scale of our UTV business segment.”

This low-volume production and validation testing for Volcon's flagship product, the Stag UTV, began on October 20. GLV Ventures is currently building production validation units of Stag LTD, one of four trim levels being offered. Early production units are being put through the last phase of testing with compliance testing already complete, marking a major milestone for the Company. The beginning of low-volume production marks the company’s achievement of its recent announcement that it would begin production by October of 2023, as well as bringing it one step closer to achieving shipments in the fourth quarter of this year as promised. 

The Company also plans on making initial shipments of approved production units to the US Army Corps of Engineers as part of its recent collaborative research and development agreement. Final testing currently being completed includes additional capture of drive mode data and systems calibration, as well as quality analysis of units being produced during production validation. 

Davis says they have been pleased with early results and continue to chart data to ensure the Stag performs as it was designed to, providing early purchasers with an off-road driving experience like never before. "The Stag is showing promising results including 0-60 performance which has been recorded at the top of its class."

For more information on the Stag or Volcon’s developmental process, or to become a dealer, visit:

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