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What Does The Fox Say? Part II

  • Dealernews
  • Sep 15, 2020


Part II of our conversation with Fox Racing CEO Jeff McGuane focuses on the blurring lines between eBikes, IBDs and the powersports market. The past few months have been an inflection point for Fox... and retailers around the world. The recreational industry has seen a growth surge in participation across motorcycles, mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes with both new and returning riders. Never before has there been a better opportunity to invite new riders to join these sports, says the head of Fox. 

Fox has always been driven to make the best products available, and to make great products, you need a great team. "I am extremely confident in our team and excited about what we have in the works, right now and for the future," he explains. "The experience and vision they have will propel us into the next chapter of Fox."

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