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  • Sep 07, 2021


The National Powersports Dealer Association (NPDA), was founded to help franchised and independent powersports Dealers via services, products, programs, education and advocacy. The end goal is to create a professional, successful and profitable industry. The vision is for NPDA to advance our industry by elevating Dealers to be well prepared, sustainably profitable and exceed the expectations of a growing powersports customer base. In short, NPDA is the Dealers themselves. 

Bob Kee is NPDA! More than 20 years ago, Kee transitioned from the automotive industry to the motorcycle business… and he has never looked back! When Bob Althoff accepted the Chairman’s role, he did it with the caveat that he would step aside as soon as NPDA was up on its own two wheels and the Vice Chairman would succeed him. In addition to becoming the first Vice Chairman of the National Powersports Dealers Association, Kee also heads the education committee.

“We enjoy being a part of this industry, which is vibrant, changing and challenging.” The challenges come with the territory, but from BK’s perspective, now is also the greatest opportunity. “I think that we recognize a situation where there's a lot of opportunity for Dealers around the country to raise their game.” However kicking it up a gear is easier with a little help from your friends.

“I’ve always been a big advocate of 20 Group membership. I did it on the automotive side… I've done it for the 20+ years we've been in powersports, and I can say not everyone is taking advantage of that opportunity.” Think of NPDA as a 20 Group on steroids, suggests BK.

“With NPDA we want to bring education on an affordable, accessible basis to the industry. We want to become a voice nationally for the issues that all powersports Dealers face. We want to provide an opportunity for group purchasing, and possibly legal advice for those Dealers that may be of a smaller size where the scale, opportunity and group membership could really make a meaningful impact to the cost of bringing benefits to their employees.”

Bottom Line:

“NPDA is being formed by dealers for dealers. We recognize that this is an opportunity that doesn't come along very frequently. We want your support in growing this organization so that it can have the impact it deserves.”

See more of Bob Kee’s vision here:

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