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  • Oct 18, 2023


Must see TV! Volcon has been "televising" shipments of EVO to dealers (well, streaming the feed from the shipping department). "These are exciting times for Volcon. Shipping EVOs to the US market is a meaningful milestone for us to achieve, especially as we close in on our flagship product, the Stag,” stated Jordan Davis, Volcon’s Chief Executive Officer. “For the team at Volcon, delivering the EVO on the heels of Stag production is major in that we are successfully closing substantial development programs in tandem, culminating in the shipment of not one, but two product lines heading into the fourth quarter.”

Initial shipments have left Volcon’s warehouse in Round Rock, Texas, and dealers should be receiving their new EVOs in a few days. The new Grunt EVO is Volcon’s latest edition of its fat-tired, off-road, two-wheel electric motorcycle. One of the key features is the near-silent MotoX9 Carbon Belt Drive, which replaces the chain drive on the original Grunt (Grunt FE). Customers can also expect improved suspension with custom-tuned Walker Evans shocks and an overall weight reduction of 20% for improved handling. The Company anticipates additional shipments to be made over the coming weeks as the dealer pipeline is filled. Interest remains strong both domestically and in Latin American markets. 

Volcon shipped the first EVO units in September to fulfill multiple Latin American contracts where there is a thriving market for the Grunt FE and EVO motorcycles. One of the contracts fulfilled in September was with Brazilian importers, Ventura Experience, who signed a three-year distribution agreement with the Company at a $12 million minimum purchase requirement, effective March of this year... Stay tuned! 


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