• Why other retailers envy powersports Dealers

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017 | admin

    By Paige Wittman

    THE MILLER WITTMAN Retail Design Group is extremely excited to be starting this blog, column, maybe sometimes vlog. Thank you, Dealernews team!

    We have a firm belief that the independent Powersports Dealer is extremely relevant in today’s retail environment. Every big-box retailer is hunting for the “in-store magic” that will make them relevant at the local level and better equipped to compete with Amazon. There are hundreds of articles out there about making better connections with consumers and store reconfigurations. Retailers are working to elevate experience through creating boutiques, interaction, product selection, look, touch, smell, using rarified materials, and chasing “hyper-local” and “cool” to be authentic.

    We have more than 3,000 powersports store projects under our belt, and we believe that you are uniquely positioned to be successful — if you capitalize on your strengths as experience-makers and experts by creating a desire to share.


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